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Free Flutter Training 2021 – Session #17 – 30/Jan/2022

Hello all,

VGLUG sharing various technology knowledge to rural college students. As part of it we are doing Free Flutter Training class every week. In this flutter training we share knowledge about Flutter(Hybrid app development), Free software technologies and tools.

Date: 30-Jan-2022
Timing: 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Venue : VGLUG Office, KK Road, Villupuram


  1. Flutter Class
  2. எது கலாச்சாரம் – Book discussion
  3. General discussion
  4. Internship offer letter distribution

Minutes of meet

  • This week Flutter session was handled by Manimaran & Khaleel Jageer. Khaleel gave task to everyone. To create a navigation drawer and it is completed by all.
  • Some new people came to our GLUG office for the first time and then we all introduced each other. Shared thoughts about VGLUG.
  • Then Karkee explained about a “100 villages 100 GLUG’s” and then the volunteers discussed about the GLUG activities what they seen in the past.
  • In this Flutter session we provide internship offer to few people with help of Mr. Murali Subramaniam, CEO, Kirshi Technologies and Mr.Surendran Sukumaran, CTO Spritle Software.
  • Following that, Karkee said about Internship and the value of the Internship. He gave a motivation to everyone. Then he gave some real time examples and then many students came with their friends sharing their experience in GLUG.
  • After the general discussion, VGLUG Volunteers gave a Internship offer letter to Sivasakthi and Chitraarasu. Sivasakthi and Chitraarasu gave a vote of thanks to VGLUG team and Krishi Technologies.
  • Dr. Hariganesh visited our VGLUG, He talked about the importance of technology in the rural areas and getting unite together for breaking the obstacles to attain the need.
  • Then, Sivasakthi discussed a book name called “எது கலாச்சாரம்? “. She told about our culture and false belief of our people.
  • Finally, all VGLUG volunteers made one general discussion for upcoming plans.
  • This meeting was attended by about 35+ people.
  • In this meet tech support made possible by Harini, Sowndharya, Kanagasabapathi, Sivasakthi and Keerthana.
  • Thanks to all Speakers and VGLUG volunteers.


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